Users of 0xPad have continual access to innovative projects at IDO via 0xPad's launchpad. As earlier stated, 0xPad uses a hybrid tier-weight mechanism to ensure that every participant in token sales have their own fair share allocation.
As we intend to ensure that our supporters and investors make the most out of their investments, only the best projects are selected, the selection process involves the following:

Proper vetting

Projects supported undergo a rigorous vetting process. The team behind the project and their expertise and track records are verified.

Roadmap visibility assessment

Correlation between the set milestones or roadmap and the required resources or skill sets required to achieve the set milestones are analyzed to ensure that these projects can deliver their targets as specified.

Tokenomics, lockup and vesting

Token metrics, lockup and vesting mechanism are checked to ensure that supported projects have an optimal and healthy token distribution and release plan. I is vital that the project have a proper lockup and vesting mechanism implemented.

Audit of codes

Most importantly, 0xPad ensures that projects that are supported during their sale have their smart contract codes audited by a reputable third party auditing company and also, internally by the 0xPad team.


This is an incubator protocol that decentralizes seed funding and angel investing. With 0xIncubator, people with little funds can become an angel investor. It works like an angel investing network where a group of people with common goal pool their resources together and invest in projects. Instead of having a single angel investor with huge capital, several small and medium size investor come together and pool their resources together thereby forming an investment network where projects funded are voted on and the profits are distributed proportionately to the members.
Projects that meet the requirements and are selected to be incubated are not just seed funded but they also gain access to resources such as access to developers with several years of experience in their fields of expertise, content developers and designers, marketing networks and many more. The objective is to ensure that projects that are incubated by 0xPad are very successful.


One way for people to become a member of 0xPad is by participating in at least one of 0xVault's staking pool. each pool have a different lockup time and a different rewards rate. Also, each pool unlocks a different IDO and incubator allocation to members. The longer the lockup time, the higher the membership type and hence the higher the staking rewards, IDO/Incubator allocation and voting weight.


0xMine is the second way in which people can become a member of 0xPad. oxMine is 0xPad's liquidity mining product, participants in 0xMine are ranked highest level members which is the same with the 0xVault pool with the highest lockup time. Just like the 0xVault with the highest lockup time, members of 0xMine unlock access to the highest level of IDO/Incubator allocation and voting right. In addition, they enjoy great liquidity mining rewards.