Bancc.io IDO

Project Name: Bancc
Project website: https://bancc.finance/

Project Overview

Bancc is an all-purpose decentralized payment solution provider. Its fundamentals tackle the issues faced by the masses by allowing users to take control of their finances. Bancc aims to connect people, merchants, and businesses to deliver a faster, more secure, and decentralized payment processing option for their clients, friends, or loved ones.
Today’s solutions focus a lot on the fees or costs associated with sending, paying, or receiving money from people around the globe. These types of solutions only benefit institutions, the creators/providers of these services, payment processors with their processing fees, and money transfer operators with their sending and receiving prices. As a result, Bancc conceived and built the Bancc blockchain.
The blockchain’s goal is to reduce the cost of doing business with these providers and even create a way to achieve free transactions in the network. Bancc has built a payment processing system tailored to the needs of its customers. Consider a world in which you can spend money whatever you want, whenever you want, with low/no costs and rapid transaction times.
The Bancc Decentralised platform we are solving these everyday problems all around the world such as;
Money transfer services high fees (Western Union, Paypal, etc) Money payment processing high fees (Visa, American Express etc.) Selling & Reselling items on marketplaces high fees (Amazon, Ebay etc)
Bancc’s strategy to address these challenges is to offer a portfolio of different products and services that benefit the users by providing payment solutions, networks, trading, and financial services to build internal and external customer relationships for adoption and real-world usability to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Services that benefit the people in real-world situations can provide digital ownership of the said item and sell it online or offline and receive payment through a decentralized payment network.
The Bancc blockchain will utilize a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPOS) network. Users will be able to delegate their coins to validators, which will pick and validate transactions. As a result, both the user and the validator will reap a block reward for performing this computational labour. The Bancc blockchain will employ the Tendermint BFT-engine, executing up to 10,000 transactions per second (tps), thus saving significant computational power resources compared to other blockchains. Compared to the competition, this will result in Bancc being more user-friendly, eco-friendly and highly efficient in dealing with users and their respective assets.
For details about the project, go to: https://docs.bancc.finance/documentation/

Token Supply, Allocation and Distribution

For more details on the supply, allocation and distribution of the token, go to: https://docs.bancc.finance/documentation/v/whitepaper/tokenomics-03/distribution/vesting-schedule

Token IDO Sale

Sales Allocation
Sales Price
1 sBANCC = 0.016 BUSD

IDO Token Distribution

IDO allocation is 25% unlocked and are distributed immediately after sale. The remaining 75% is locked and is distributed as follows: 25% distributed every 30 days. That is: 25% at TGE, 25% 30 days after TGE, 25% 60 days after TGE, and 25% 90 days after TGE.

Listing Price

sBANCC will be listed on Pancakewap at it's price at the time of listing

How To Participate In sBANCC IDO

Membership Participation

Members of 0xPad have immediate access to all IDOs held on oxPad LaunchPad as soon as the sale begins. A member is any user who is actively staking 0xPad tokens in 0xVault or staking 0xPad-BUSD or 0xPad-BNB LP tokens in 0xMine.
The maximum allocation each member is allowed to purchase is determined by the tiers the member is in and also the amount of tokens or LP staked.
The parameters and table below will be used to explain further.
Allocation Factor


Member Participants

  • A member who stakes 25,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in the bronze, silver, gold and platinum vault will have allocations 4,000 BUSD, 6,000 BUSD, 8,000 BUSD and 10,000 BUSD respectively.
  • A member who staked 10,000 0xPAD tokens in the bronze, silver, gold and platinum vault will have allocations that are
    of the above allocations. Such members will get 1,600 BUSD, 2,400 BUSD, 3,200 BUSD and 4,000 BUSD respectively.
  • A member who staked 1,000 0xPAD tokens in the bronze, silver, gold and platinum vault will have allocations that are
    of the above allocations. Such members will get 160 BUSD, 240 BUSD, 320 BUSD and 400 BUSD respectively.
  • A member who is staking in multiple vaults will have allocations which is the sum of the allocations from each vault.
  • A member who has tokens in wallet can also whitelist to gain allocation for his/her membership and also for the tokens in his/her wallet.

Guest Participants

A guest is any user who is NOT actively staking 0xPad tokens in 0xVault or staking 0xPad-BUSD or 0xPad-BNB LP tokens in 0xMine.
For a guest to participate in any IDO on 0xPad, the following are required.
  1. 1.
    The guest must whitelist his wallet address before the day the IDO starts. Whitelisting can be done at: https://forms.gle/ydrmy3BzqXtUmxfC8
  2. 2.
    The guest wallet address must hold 0xPad tokens before he whitelist his/her wallet. Addresses with zero oxPAD balance won't be whitelisted.
  3. 3.
    Note, the wallet must also contain 0xPad tokens during sale, if the 0xPad balance of the address is zero during the sale, then the address will automatically receive an allocation of zero (i.e, the allocation received is proportional to the amount of 0xPad tokens held).
The table below further explains it.
Allocation Factor
  • A guest who has 25,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in his/her wallet will have an allocation of 2,000 BUSD
  • A guest who has 10,000 0xPAD tokens in his/her wallet will have an allocation of 800 BUSD
  • A guest who has 1,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in his/her wallet will have an allocation of 80 BUSD

Other Participants

Other participants refers to users who are NOT a member of 0xPad and did not whitelist.
Depending on the progress of the sale after a number of days since sales started, 0xPad reserves the right to give such users access to participate. There may be some minimum requirement that will be specified.