Governance Structure

As it is the intention of 0xPAD to operate as closely as possible to a true decentralized organization, 0xPAD adopts a two layer governance approach. This consists of governance at council level (Level 1) by elected and partner blockchain projects and governance at community level (Level 2) which is by user members.
The council level consist of at least 10 projects or entity with equal votes. For a proposal to be passed, 7 out of the 10 council members need to vote yes.
Similarly, the community votes requires a 70% yes for a proposal to be passed.

Council Members

Etna Network ||
Etna Game

Etna Network/Game is a blockchain project focused on developing interconnected products in DeFi, gaming and NFTs. The goal is to develop a one-stop-shop that offers seamless access to great blockchain products.
0xPad and Etna Network/Game entered into a business/technical partnership since the inception of 0xPad. As a result of this partnership, a number of the Etna's team members are involved with the technical development of 0xPad.
In addition to this, Etna Network/Game is the first member of the council, it (the entity) will be participating in voting on proposals made and on other matters as regards to project development.

Other Council Members

As 0xPad just launched, we are still in the process of electing other council members. The members are being sorted for in different blockchain areas so as to form a well balanced council. When new members are selected, an announcement will be made immediately.