0xPAD is a multi-chain LaunchPad and a Decentralized Incubator Protocol. It is a blockchain project that is set to decentralize seed funding and angel investing, while bringing innovative ideas, projects and opportunities to our supporters.
The goals of 0xPad are two fold, they are:
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    Project Support Goals: Providing innovative projects with the support and resources they need to succeed. Such projects are either supported in early seed funding stage through our incubator program or in the market entry stage through our LaunchPad. The Incubator program provide selected projects with development funds and other resources such as experienced developers to help build products, marketing team to aid with business growth and any other kind of supports that such a project might need. The LaunchPad help projects which already have products and are ready for market entry. The LaunchPad helps these projects to run quality and well coordinated IDO or token generation events. 0xPad adopts a solid marketing strategy to ensure that the IDO events are highly successful.
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    Best Earning and Investment Opportunities for Users: Users of 0xPad gain early investment opportunities to high quality and innovative projects on a regular basis. Our users can invest in these projects at the seed funding stage through our novel decentralized incubator protocol or in the market entry stage by participating in IDO or token generation events held in our LaunchPad. This gives our users entry points to maximize the turnover of their investments. In addition to these, users also earn great staking and liquidity mining rewards.
In addition to these well defined objectives, some of the compelling reasons why 0xPAD delivers quality support to projects and also give our investors access to only the best of opportunities for maximum profitability on their crypto investments are as follows:

Tier - Weight Mechanism:

0xPad uses a novel Tier - Weight Mechanism to ensure fairness in the distribution of members' allocation. Unlike other projects that uses either a tier system or a weight system, 0xPad is the first to user a hybrid Tier - Weight sales mechanism to ensure true fairness of allocation. With this, every member can participate with no one left out.


0xPad operates as a decentralized launchpad and incubator protocol, as such, angel investing/seed funding is distributed (decentralized) among several members of the protocol as it should be. This gives everyone the opportunity to partake, with access to their fair share and it is also more pro-project growth as compared to centralized seed funding networks and VCs.

Early Access to All:

0xPad gives every one member the chance to invest in great ideas and projects at very early stages. Members can participate in the early stage of seed funding and also in the market entry stage by participating in the IDO or token generation events.

Proper Vetting:

0xPad maintains a well-rounded vetting process during the project selection stage. Detailed evaluations of the project’s use-case, roadmap, tokenomics, vesting timeline and other important aspect of the project are carried out.

Secured Platform:

At 0xPad, security is of utmost importance, several security tools and measures such as the use of multi-sig vaults for funds and a robust transaction validation mechanisms are implemented. In addition to these, several layers of security checks are configured on the platform.
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